How to solve the problems There is an Canon printer driver Unavailable

We'll do our best to repair any Canon printer. This issue could occur. Because not all printers experience the Canon Printer Driver is Unavailable problem, these troubleshooting techniques are relevant to all printer manufacturers and models.


Your Windows 10 computer may occasionally display the error message Canon Printer Driver is Unavailable when you attempt to print documents from it. Although it can happen with any printer, customers of Canon printers appear to report this issue more frequently. How can I solve the missing Canon printer driver issue? To find out more, read this article.

The world over, Canon printers are renowned for their superior quality and effectiveness. Students and professionals who regularly need to print and scan different kinds of paper will find them to be of great use. When it fails, everyone's everyday routines are undoubtedly interrupted. For Windows 10 users, the Canon printer driver is frequently unavailable. The printer becomes unresponsive as a result of this error message. There's no reason to freak out if you're experiencing this as well. You will learn how to effectively tackle this problem in this lengthy text.

Reasons for the lack of a Canon driver

What does it indicate when a driver for a Canon Driver is Unavailable? This often indicates that your printer's driver may be corrupt or missing, and the issue can be easily fixed. Any number of factors on your PC might be the root of this problem. Fortunately, the majority of the likely causes are simple to fix and won't even need you to touch your printer, much less buy a new one! Possible explanations for why the Windows Canon Printer Driver is not available include the following:

  • The driver for your printer is not present or was never set up correctly.
  • The driver for your printer is flawed.
  • The printer's driver is incompatible with the PC.
  • The driver for your printer is out of date.
  • Installing a fresh Windows Update is necessary.
  • Windows has problems.

Simple troubleshooting to fix Canon driver problems

To begin with, we'll perform some simple analysis to resolve the Windows Printer driver not available problem. The printer may be able to print documents and function as intended after utilising these straightforward yet effective techniques to fix the printer driver issue. Try the recommendations below:

Method 1: Trying to reconnect the printer

Sometimes, a stable printer connection might resolve this annoying problem. To accomplish this, disconnect the gadget, take it out of your computer, and then plug it back in. As a consequence, any potential driver problems will probably be resolved, allowing printing to resume.

Method 2:  Update your Windows printer driver

Like any equipment, your drivers could eventually become outdated. It's possible that you've installed printer drivers in the past without updating them. The bundled drivers that came with your computer when you first purchased it probably need to be updated.

Method 3: Install the printer driver manually

You must manually search for the most recent printer drivers if Windows is unable to do so automatically. Before continuing, look up the printer's maker and model. Once you've determined the model of the printer, you may manually install the most recent, functional drivers.

Method 4: Install the default printer driver

According to users, this problematic issue may be resolved by installing the default printer driver for Windows 10. The majority of printers are compatible with this driver, which enables your computer to utilise the printer once more.

Method 5: Update Window

If the printer driver seems to be unavailable when you try to print, for instance, your operating system may need to be updated. To determine if the issue has been resolved, download the most recent version of Windows.

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