Easy Guide Canon Printer Error Code 5100 Solution

Are You In Looking For A Canon Printer Error Code 5100 Solution? Check Out This Article To Fix Your Canon Printer Error.


Continue reading as we study the many viewpoints offered on the Canon Printer Error Code 5100 Solution by our IT specialists. The most dependable brand of printers is Canon. Millions of people across the world purchase and use Canon printers for both home and business use. The latest technology are used in its printers. The printers made for home and office use come with a ton of functionality. Your Canon printers may occasionally experience errors or problems, just like any other printer or device. One of the faults that is frequent and reported by numerous people worldwide is the Canon Printer Error Code 5100.

Troubleshooting Canon Printer Error Code 5100

Cartridge errors are frequently classed as Canon printer error 5100. This implies that there is a problem with your printer's cartridge whenever this Canon printer error manifests itself. We'll examine the potential causes as well as the most effective fixes in this article if you encounter this problem. For a variety of causes, the Canon Support Code 5100 appears on the computer screen. A few troubleshooting procedures of Canon Printer Error Code 5100 Solution. We will lay out for you every conceivable cause and simple fix for this problem. You can able to fix this yourself, just by reading following the guide.

1) To fix Canon error 5100, clean the carriage head of any debris

Open the Canon printer and carefully inspect it for any dirt or paper fragments that may have become lodged inside. Remove any such debris, re-plug the Canon Pixma, and check to see if the problem code has disappeared.

2) Oil the purge cap

You can use a damp, lint-free paper towel to gently clean the Canon printer if it has excess dust or debris. Plug the device back in after cleaning it to check if the error 5100 has been resolved. You might need to lubricate the purge cap if cleaning and clearing the device don't work. The sliding device that the printer head parks into when it is not in use is called the purge cap. You must take the right panel off the device to grease it. After the panel has been removed, lightly lubricate the sliders with white grease, being careful not to get any grease on the tiny wipers or the black caps. Replace the panel once this is finished, connect the device back in, and check to see if the error 5100 has been resolved.

3) Paper Jam

The best case scenario is that a misplaced piece of paper nestled within like a rat in a haystack. Remove all ink cartridges and blow it with bottled air or any filtered air blower to fix the problem.

4) Properly position the ink cartridges

Your ink cartridges may need to be reseated, which is less likely but still possible. The cartridges will need to be reseated after cleaning if you follow the procedure above.

5) Remove the Timing film

Under the driving belt, the breadth of the device is covered by a thin plastic sheet called the timing film. If it gets dirty, your printer will show an error 5100 warning. It has fine vertical lines going along it. Use a moist, lint-free paper towel to gently wipe it down for cleaning. After cleaning the strip, put the device back in and check to see if the problem message has disappeared.

6) Canon Error Code 5100 is caused by a corrupt printer driver

If you have tried everything and are still having trouble, look for the most recent print driver and install it again. Although unlikely, printer driver corruption can still be pretty annoying.

You should be able to resolve Canon Printer Error 5100 with the aid of this article. To help you solve the issue, we have thoroughly detailed each solution. Please let us know if this post was helpful in resolving your issue.


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