Organizing the house in 30 minutes

Organizing the house in 30 minutes

Organizing the house in 30 minutes


Organizing the house in 30 minutes

How to quickly organize the house Here's a quick routine to clean the house daily easily in 30 minutes: Gather your tools: Keep the cleaning tools and detergents you need daily in a box or container

Customized and easy to carry to use at any time. This package should include a feather duster, microfiber or microfiber cleaning cloths, cotton rags for polishing, all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner or disinfectant, cleaning wipes, glass polish, and a soft brush. Set your time: If you only have 30 minutes, set an alarm and write down the tasks you need to get done during that time.

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Start with the laundry basket and trash bag: start collecting anything you need to throw in a large trash bag, and collect the dirty clothes inside the laundry basket, so the room is clean and free of any irritating things. Quick, put the clothes in the washing machine and throw out the trash bag. Wipe Dust Quickly: Feather Duster is a great tool for quickly wiping dust off surfaces, swipe quickly across wooden surfaces and windows to remove accumulated dust. Wipe down surfaces: Spray any hard surfaces with a quick cleaner

And wipe it with a fiber towel, wiping surfaces daily ensures that you protect them from stubborn stains. Mirror polish: Spray mirrors with glass polish and wipe them with a suitable towel. Clean the bathroom: Spray the sink and surfaces inside the bathroom with a cleaner and disinfectant and wipe them with a microfiber towel. It is also recommended to clean the toilet with its own brush, and it will only take a few minutes, and don't forget to put on clean, dry towels. Vacuum: focus on the places you use the most

and dust-prone corners. Arrange the Beds: Arranging the pillows and bedding will only take a few minutes to give your room a clean, complete look. Read also: Mistakes you make when organizing the house Home cleaning tools Some tools help facilitate the daily cleaning process of the house, get to know them: Microfiber Towels: These small towels are a magic cure for many cleaning purposes, thanks to their containment of microfibers, you can remove dust and dust in the most difficult places, also do not cause scratching

Glass surfaces or leave no smudges, and are ideal for cleaning windows on their own or with little water. Glass Squeegee: A small and practical tool for keeping your bathroom free of any mold stains, it also works great on windows. To get the most out of your mop, be sure to protect its blades from damage while using or storing them. If your mop leaves streaks or doesn't perform as well as before, you may need to replace its rubber blades.

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