About competition between nonprofits during the war

About competition between nonprofits during the war


Samuel P N Cook:
Yeah, and actually, we're about to start cooperating with you and members of our team, we're going to help you with some of our team members who are good case managers, because you've been overwhelmed with cases. And, you know, we'll launch our app, and we'll learn our lessons. And if it's useful for you, you're welcome to use it.

Artur Kiulian:
That’s the key. We're all learning in a very fast paced environment. And it's all about interoperability and collaboration. Those are the only things that matter. It's not about egos, or who's doing what. It's really about finding the best solutions as soon as possible. Secure solutions, the solutions that provide immediate need, which is the next 24 or 48 hours. That's really the timescale. If the solution doesn't work, we throw it away. If it does, we iterate on it.

Full interview https://borderlands.com.ua/podcast/stand-with-Ukraine

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