Good advice for new bloggers to run good beauty blogs

Beauty bloggers are without a doubt one of the highest paid blogger types.
As the name suggests, beauty bloggers generally refer to self-media people who produce skin care, makeup, hairdressing and other beauty-related content.


Most people think that beauty bloggers are an extremely glamorous profession. They only need to put on makeup blog in front of the camera and simply share their product experience, and they will get rich rewards. Even brands are rushing to compete with beauty bloggers. Cooperation, all kinds of large-scale events are rushing to invite these bloggers to attend.

On the surface, this career is very desirable, but following this path is not as simple as it seems.
Full-time blogger is a job full of challenges just like other ordinary jobs, and now everyone thinks it is a good job to make money, so everyone is rushing to it, and the competition is naturally extremely fierce.
In this very "introverted" industry, if we want to stand out, everyone must have their own unique skills.
So apart from one's own skills, what other areas should be paid attention to to write a high-quality beauty blog? Today, SocialBook, who has worked with countless beauty bloggers, big and small, around the world, would like to briefly share his experience:

1. Pay attention to the choice of platform
Among the many platforms, YouTube and Instagram are without dispute the two most popular platforms. In addition to these two big platforms, there are many other platforms such as Pintrest.
Today, with the development of the Internet, various platforms emerge one after another, which makes people dazzled. However, if you disperse your energy in various channels, the content you produce may not be well targeted, and it will also consume a lot of your energy.
The best approach is to choose one main platform and supplement it with one or two other platforms where appropriate. If you choose two channels, you can pay more attention to which channel has more traffic, and then focus your content creation on that channel.
As a beauty blogger, there are many choices in content platforms, but through our survey, we found that good beauty blog mainly focus on the following three platforms:
personal beauty blog
Personal blogs are very suitable for writing detailed product descriptions, which can be used to recommend products, give some small tips, or write a list of planting or weeding. For bloggers who pay more attention to privacy and do not want to reveal their real information, personal blogs are the best choice. However, it should be noted that blogging requires good writing skills, and you need to polish your writing skills.
If you're expressive and feel natural in front of the camera, then YouTube might be a better platform for you. In videos you can not only promote products but also show your interesting personality and charisma, make more friends, or if you are better at speaking than writing, YouTube is also a good choice.
And Instagram is a visually-oriented platform. Usually, the beauty blog information on this platform is displayed in pictures or ins stories, so Instagram is not suitable for sharing long-form information, so your content needs to be very concise but rich at the same time. attraction.
If you can’t find a better balance between the two, you might consider building an Instagram account and a YouTube channel at the same time.

2. Define your audience
Once you have chosen the platform you will focus on, then you need to locate your target audience. Because in many cases, the number of fans does not entirely depend on the quality of your content itself, but also on whether your content can impress your fans.
Therefore, understanding fans and knowing their preferences is the most important thing. But before that, you should know how to attract fans. Now the major platforms are full of various "beauty masters". If you want to get more attention, you must first find your target group in the beauty blog field and determine where you are. Subdivided areas.
Because "beauty" is such a broad concept, and some beauty bloggers are professional makeup artists, while others are skincare experts, there are many different topics you can specialize in as a beauty blogger.
You can start by thinking about what you are best at. Are you good at makeup? Do you have experience with beauty products? Have you found some great skincare products yet? Is your hair the envy of many people? Or are you good at DIY face masks?
While featuring different topics on your channel or posts can diversify your content, it's easier to start with something you're good at.

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