Good comedy movies bring happy to you!

Best Comedies of All Time
This brings us the best. Comedies are always on. But to be a great man, you must have some qualifications. Part of it is taking time to make sure that laughter is not just in the moment. Next comes the stubborn fans, which will keep the story alive. The third


The comedy movie of Paul Figg and Judd Apatu tells the story of Annie (Christine Weig), a single woman in her 30s, who was invited to be the bridesmaid at the wedding of her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph). When the bachelor party and other wedding ceremonies are dominated by Helen (Rose Byrne), her seemingly perfect rival, Annie is penniless and alone.It is a fantasy comedy movie.

When Harry Met Sally
Even uninspired people will know this romantic comedy movie in 1989 because of its "I will have what she has", in which Meg Ryan forged an orgasm on Delicatesen in Katz instead of a sandwich. Nora Ephron's award-winning script makes this classic theater a classic, a comedy movie that makes people happy, and will continue to do so in the next few years. In addition: all academic work, smart fashion in the 1980s and the desire for gold fall in New York.

Coming to America
Before watching the sequel, refresh your memory with the original "Come to America". In this romantic comedy movie in 1988, Eddie Murphy plays the prince of an African country. He comes to the United States - specifically Queens - to meet and marry the woman of his dreams.

Shaun of the Dead
One of the pioneers of zombie comedy type. Sean got stuck in a dead end job and was dumped by his girlfriend. His life was stagnant and ordinary until the end of the zombies. Sean must fight back against the zombies, hide in his local bar, and fight for his life with his friends.It is a ridiculous comedy movie.

There are at least a few Bill Murray movies on this list - but why meatballs, you ask? Because meatball, in all its absurd summer camp glory, is Murray's first starring role in the film, and also one of his most underrated films. Murray plays a camp counselor who manages 300 children because they compete with a wealthy camp nearby. It's very interesting and warm. It's meatballs. Try to see Murray's impassioned "Never mind!" I feel a little better when I speak.

Don't be confused by the title: director Kay Cannon's breakthrough sexual comedy movie is very good and runs through it. Leslie Mann, John Cena and Ike Barinholtz play three parents who try to prevent their daughters (Catherine Newton, Geraldine Wiswanatan and Gideon Adron, who lie big and small) from completing the sexual agreement on the dance night. Produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (comedy duo behind Superbad).

Little Miss Sunshine
In this strange comedy, a dysfunctional family took a cross-country trip so that their lively 7-year-old child Oliver could participate in the Miss Sunshine beauty contest. With the extraordinary lineup of Toni Klaette, Alan Akin, Greg Kinnear, Abigail Breslin, Paul Dano and Steve Carrell, Sunshine Little Beauty is wild and funny, unique and sincere.


The Breakfast Club
Ah, John Hughes. The director used his true portrayal of daily anxiety, identity and desire to define the 1980s youth. The growth comedy Breakfast Club tells the story that five high school students ("smart people, beautiful women, athletes, rebels and hermits") were gathered together to be detained on Saturday. They realized that they had more in common and they wanted to.

The Birdcage
In a remake of the classic French farce, Robin Williams plays Armand, the boss of Miami's gay cross dressing club. His son will marry the daughter of the conservative Republican senator (Jean Hackman). When the future in laws are ready to meet, Amand's son asks his father and his partner Albert (Nathan Ryan) to hide their true identities and pretend to be heterosexual.

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