Jiajia's Journey of Rebirth

Jiajia's Journey of RebirthJiajia's Journey of RebirthJiajia's Journey of RebirthJiajia's Journey of Rebirth


Jiajia lowered her head and took a sip of coffee. She saw a man coming in at the door. Zheng Yuedong looked better than in the picture. That kind of temperament was very special. Besides elegance, there was a kind of tall and straight military temperament. Her mother seemed to have said that the other party was born in a military family. Zheng Yuedong glanced at it and saw Jiajia alone by the window. His eyes were somewhat surprised. He really didn't quite understand that it was necessary for such an outstanding girl to have a blind date. Zheng Yuedong came over and said with a polite smile: "You are Miss Wang Jia." Jiajia stood up and nodded, holding out her hand: "Hello, Mr. Zheng." Although the judge, Jia Jia think this Zheng Yuedong is really good, elegant and deep style of conversation, calm personality atmosphere, do not smoke, do not drink, even with the most harsh conditions to measure, Zheng Yuedong is an impeccable man, Jia Jia can not help but secretly sigh, perhaps life is like this, plain and light with a man like this, get married and have children, so that the family can rest assured. In fact, it is a good choice, at least it is safe and smooth, without wind and waves. As for love, Jiajia suddenly felt that it was not very important. Think through, Jiajia is very cooperative, and Zheng Yuedong began to meet step by step,Inflatable indoor park, is so many years, formally have a nominal boyfriend, so life is really unpredictable, at the beginning she did not expect, finally standing beside her is not Xu Shaohui, nor Lu Chen, but the eight poles can not hit Zheng Yuedong. Now that he had made up his mind, when Lu Chen asked her out, she promised very readily,Inflatable 5k obstacle, neither shirking nor awkward, but it made Lu Chen a little strange. Feng Shaodong glanced at him and could not help thinking of the scene he had seen two days ago. Almost at a glance, Feng Shaodong saw that Jia Jia was on a blind date. After all, he had experienced too much in that kind of scene. At that time, he was also very surprised, although the man who had a blind date with the little girl looked very good, but whether compared with Lu Chen or Xu Shaohui, there was a certain gap. Unfortunately, although Lu Chen is good, five years have not been able to enter the little girl's heart, can not admit his failure, Feng Shaodong also clearly remember the original Lu Chen's bold words, he cherishes the friendship with Lu Chen very much, but more cherishes Jiajia that little girl, in Feng Shaodong's heart, inflatable water slide ,inflatable floating water park, Lu Chen is a friend, small Jiajia is a special existence. With Lu Chen's means, if love but not, eventually become angry from embarrassment, then that result is the last thing Feng Shaodong wants to see, thinking of this, Feng Shaodong's eyes flashed a tentative opening: "Is that girl Jiajia? Recently, the little girl doesn't come out to play with me, and she doesn't know what she's busy with." Lu Chen glanced at him: "How old are you? You still let people play with you, but she is more difficult to date recently." Feng Shaodong weighed the club in his hand: "Why don't you let Jiajia go? There are plenty of fish in the sea." Lu Chen was stunned, his face sank, and he glanced at him: "What does that mean?" Feng Shaodong solemnly way: "Do you remember what you said to me five years ago?" Lu Chen took an unpredictable look at him and said: "What do you mean?" "Nothing interesting, just remind you, sometimes maybe a step back will be more boundless, also unknown, like not necessarily have, in fact, looking at her happy feeling is also very good." Feng Shaodong said with a half-smile. Lu Chen put down his club and glanced at him: "I'm not you, Feng Shaodong, I'm Lu Chen." Then turned away, Feng Shaodong can not help but a faint smile, he had not thought to be able to hide from him. Lu Chen drove out of the guild hall and rushed out, wandering aimlessly. The night in a city was beautiful. The colorful neon lights meandered down the canal, like the brightest sea of lights. He drove to the dock by the river, stopped and lit a cigarette. With the rising smoke, the dribs and drabs of these years flashed quickly in front of his eyes. From the beginning to the end, Lu Chen had to admit that he had lost. From beginning to end, Jiajia had never loved him, or even liked him. He knew very well that Feng Shaodong was actually warning him today that he could not use means to force Jiajia. He also showed his position that he was standing there. Lu Chen knew that he was not as great as Shao Dong and could stand on another angle and like a woman. But ask yourself, can he still use the means of five years ago to coerce her? No, he knows very well that he can't do it. It's not that he can't, but that he doesn't want to. He finally knows how much he likes her. He likes her so much that he doesn't even want to force her. But he can't let himself bless her like this. As soon as Jiajia walked into the Sky Garden Restaurant of Dihao, she felt that the atmosphere today was somewhat strange. There was no one in the huge restaurant. The lights were dimmer than usual, but there was a kind of dreamy and hazy aesthetic feeling. Turning around the flowers and trees, she saw Lu Chen sitting alone gracefully. He is wearing a very formal suit today, with generous and decent tailoring and unparalleled texture. He is wearing a tall and straight body, with unusual matching, handsome facial features and mature charm. This man is the favored son of heaven. On the table against the French window, there was a beautiful and romantic candlestick. Everything was beautiful, but Jiajia felt secretly frightened. Even if she was silly, she could see what he was going to do today. She took a deep breath and Jiajia walked over. Lu Chen took one look at her, smiled, and snapped his fingers gently. The waiter turned out from the corner, pushing the delicate dining car in his hand. The dining car was not any meal, but a whole car of bright red roses, delicate and beautiful as fire, shocking. Looking at the car of roses, Jiajia was stunned and could not recover for a long time. The beautiful sound of the violin came from his ears. Jiajia looked up and it turned out to be Lu Chen. He never knew that he could play the violin. A beautiful dream wedding was played by him romantically and aesthetically. After a song, Lu Chen's eyes were burning, sincere and crystal clear. He reached out his hand to push aside the layers of flowers on the dining car,inflatable floating water park, revealing a beautiful red gift box, put it in his hand and opened it gently. Sent to the eyes of Jiajia, the corners of the mouth gently smiling:. joyshineinflatables.com

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