As the ancient saying goes, the complete txt works of

As the ancient saying goes, the complete txt works of "the prime minister of medical sex, please pick up the end of driving + extra chapters"


"That's because she's stupid." Without waiting for Ling Hua to finish speaking, Feng Yunyi interrupted in a harsh voice. Then the evil eyes in the water chestnut flower body flow again, good guide, "water chestnut flower, if you help me to become this matter, Miss I will not treat you badly, but if you want to stop.." Eyes suddenly a cool, very cold, "I will make your life worse than death." Ling Hua kept silent for a moment, not daring to look at Fengyun Yi or say anything more. You go to the pharmacy, remember, do things secretly, do not be known by others! Wind and cloud according to the cold and faint command. It was not until she walked out of the room that the water chestnut flower breathed a sigh of relief, fearing that the wind and clouds would be in a hurry, and the pace at her feet was as fast as it had ever been. Looking at the back of Ling Hua's departure, Fengyun had a touch of certainty in her eyes, and the hand hanging under her body was clenched into a fist. She had never been unable to get what she wanted. On the broad and flat road, a carriage made of Jinsi Nan wood was moving slowly. Inside the carriage, Shi Ye, dressed in dark clothes, looked deeply at the account book in his hand. A slight sound came from the inner room,inflatable amusement park, and then a young man in white came out of it, with an indescribable anger on his little face with red lips and white teeth. "Brother, why did you bring me back without my consent?" He didn't even have time to say goodbye to Qingchi, and he had a lot to tell Qingchi. Shi Ye ignored Shi Mu's anger and did not even move his eyelids. Seeing this, Shi Mu was even more annoyed and shouted to the outside of the carriage, "Stop the car, I want to get off." For a long time, Shi Ye slowly put down the account book in his hand,Inflatable meltdown, looked at him coldly, and threw out a sentence that was neither light nor heavy, "Have you made enough trouble?" When the dusk was about to retort, Ye once again came a light voice, "Don't forget, you are a fiancee, and half a month Yin Wu and her fiance, as your fiance, do you still want to be absent from her and her fiance?" The action of getting off at dusk suddenly stiffened and stopped in place. The eyes full of anger suddenly became very complicated, "can't this marriage really be withdrawn?" Asked in a very low voice. When Ye is also quietly looking at the dusk, "you should know, this is the first emperor's marriage, naturally can not be withdrawn." "But I have always regarded her as my sister." "But she has always regarded you as the one she wants to marry." Shi Ye's voice stressed coldly. Then he raised his eyes and looked fixedly at the dusk. The conversation suddenly changed. "Do you like Feng Qingchi?" Shi Mu had a meal and did not speak. Do you like Qingchi? I think I like it! Like to look at her smile, like to stay in her side, see her sad is never been afraid of pain, inflatable amusement park ,Jumping castle with slide, such feelings, should be like it! "You should know that with Feng Qingchi's identity, you can't get into the house at all, and there is a Yin Mingyue who has an engagement with you." Shi Ye's tone and complexion are all calm to tell the truth. Shi Mu's thin lips were pressed into a straight line and he did not speak. However, when Ye obviously did not intend to let him go, looking at his eyes also a few minutes deep, "the most important thing is that Feng Qingzhi does not like you." Otherwise, in the last few days of Anyang City, Shi Mu would not drink to drown his sorrows. He knew Shi Mu too well and naturally knew the reason why he drank. His eyes, which had always been as bright as sunshine, were now stained with sadness and bitterness, and he sat down feebly along the wall of the car. Yes! Qingchi doesn't like him. The person she likes is Ziyuehen. She can block the sword for him, and even put down her pride for him. Let's go back! Finally, Shi Mu said faintly. When Ye was a little surprised, he looked up at the young man in white in front of him, and finally kept silent. The white and slightly thin hands slowly opened the curtain, looking at the receding mountains, and the lips drew a faint arc. Let go, and we will be friends when we meet in the future. Anyway, Qingchi will go to the Imperial Capital sooner or later! He waited for her in Yanfeng, just as well. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Another chapter for my favorite cuties! Chapter 92 then I'll wait for you. It's night. Hui Yi Ge. Feng Qing sat on a chair with a black robe, and in the chair she laid hands on was Cang Wu, dressed in blue. "How are things going?" Feng Qing carefully played with the blue jade porcelain cup in his hand and looked at it slowly with a pale yellow light halo, looking very casual. With a bright smile, Cang Wu leaned back in his chair and said, "It's all done!"! It's just that Ye seems unwilling to find out the identity of the cabinet owner. Although Shi Ye left yesterday, it does not mean that there is no one left in Anyang City. Of course, he was also very curious about the identity of the head of the cabinet, but he believed that when the time came, the head of the cabinet would tell him. It doesn't matter. Then he put down the cup and ordered lightly, "Get ready to finish everything in Anyang City and leave in a few days." As soon as he heard that he was leaving the city of Anyang, the look of joy on Cang Wu's face was even greater. "Yes." You can go to the Imperial Capital to meet Liu soon. After finishing everything here, he can go to find the stream! After ordering everything, Feng Qingchi stepped on the moonlight and left slowly. Suddenly there was a blue figure in front of him as he passed by. What's the matter? Feng Qing frowned, and his voice was as indifferent as ever. Yan Luo was dressed in sky-blue clothes, with a clear appearance, such as snow jade without any flaws on the delicate face with a bit of laziness and narrow charm, a pair of eyes are quietly looking at the ink figure in front of him, "Why don't we talk about it in another place?" Looking down Yan Luo's eyes, Feng Qingzhi saw Xihualou not far away and nodded. Hearing the sound of the door being pushed open, Alfalfa Yao made a slight tea, and when he saw the wind in a dark cloak, his indifferent face suddenly turned to anger, "You.." You You were the man in black that night? Feng Qingchi naturally recognized that Alfalfa Yao was the person she tied to the tree that night, smiling faintly, with a bit of banter in his voice, "It's really hard for you to remember me." Hearing what Feng Qingzhi said,Inflatable water obstacle course, Alfalfa Yao's face became even angrier. Just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by Yan Luo's voice. "Alfalfa Yao, you go down first." 。

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