Congealing wind all over the world

Congealing wind all over the worldCongealing wind all over the worldCongealing wind all over the world


Liu Sheng Tianxin's cold eyes swept over everyone, and with a weak voice that could hardly be heard, he said, "If you don't come out, no one can leave here." Strangely enough, almost everyone believed what he said! Perhaps it was not the content of the speech, but the knife in the hand of the speaker. For a long time, everyone was frozen like a statue. In the face of death, there is a living person who wants to deliberately provoke Tang Ningfeng and has to open his mouth. At least this "hero robbing people" is half the master on the invitation. Excuse me, Liu Sheng Da Zong Fan, how to prove that Li Mo Ning is in this house? Tang Da Childe had to dare to ask! Liu Shengtian snorted coldly and replied in a weak voice with an expressionless face, "I said, yes!" It's four short words, but it's so powerful that it's hard to believe. Tang Ningfeng had no choice but to help himself this time: "It seems that the elder Liu Sheng has been paying attention outside this hall."? And very sure that Li Mo-ning used Qi to trigger the Burmese blade to attack and kill your five beloved disciples, absolutely not from the outside. "Liu Sheng Tianxin is still expressionless, but he did not deny it!"! "Since Miss Mo Ning is inside, would you please stand up?" Tang Ningfeng sighed heavily and said to himself, "Because I'm also very curious to know that the best killer in the world seems to be very interested in my brother?!" There aren't many women in this room. Do the math, it's just Long Zheng, Ashikaga Bei Ji and Zang Ya'er! If Li Mo Ning is really a girl in the legend, then she is one of the three people! Honest and calm judgment: when Li Mo-ning appeared at Gaosheng Inn in Deli City before, Long Zheng was being captured by himself, so it was not her! As for Ashikaga Becky and Tang Ningfeng all the way to Luoyang, it is impossible. Honest cast his eyes on Zang Ya'er, a little frightened: could it be this innocent little girl? The more he thought about it,gear reduction motor, the more likely it was. Especially the two times Li Mo Ning shot, Zang Ya'er were present! As soon as the fourth shopkeeper thought of this, he suddenly realized that several people had also cast their eyes on Miss Zang. Obviously, everyone's mind is quite the same. Liu Sheng Tianxin was not moved, still coldly cast his eyes on the void, as if all the judgments had nothing to do with himself. No, it should be said that he decided that Li Mo-ning had to show up in the end. So he was very conceited and confident to add another sentence. A sentence that startled everyone: "Li Mo Ning, I believe you are a man, stand up if you have the guts!" Man? Li Mo Ning may be a man, Liu Sheng Tianxin, the whole body of Qi suddenly shot, as fast as lightning, so that everyone is soul-stirring as if by electric shock! At this moment, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, someone gave a light "ah". It's definitely a woman's voice, and it's a beautiful woman. Ouyang Mengxiang! Everyone in Jianghu thinks that Ouyang Mengxiang, the only son of Ouyang Chenjue, is a beautiful girl. Her beauty, under the stars in the sky and the glass lights in the room, is amazing. Even the great beauty of Ashikaga Becky couldn't help saying to Miss Zang, "This Ouyang girl is so beautiful and charming that she can be on a par with your sister." A person in the hall, the four shopkeepers of the old family could not help but burst out twice, and a strange idea emerged. Why didn't you want to kill Ouyang Mengxiang and frame Tang Ningfeng before? Do you know that she is a woman? "Never bully or kill a woman in this life!" This is the creed of honesty. { 103 } Even though he had kidnapped Long Zheng, he was treated with great courtesy all the way. If you're a man, do a man's thing. I honestly told Oriental Meteor and Zhao Chuxing countless times: "The first thing a man should do is to protect his family; the second thing he should do is to protect his woman." Tang Da Childe was obviously excited by the scene in front of him. "Master Ouyang," he said to Ouyang Chen, "I didn't think you could hoodwink the world's martial arts world for so long!" Ouyang Chenjue was unperturbed, and replied in a dignified manner, "Although my daughter Mengxiang is a girl, she has the ambition of a man, enough to compete with all the heroes in the world." Having said that, it always makes people feel that he would prefer Ouyang Mengxiang to be a man. Ouyang Mengxiang's cheeks were red and her eyes were like stars. She looked around at everyone in a bright and moving way. She said softly, "Mengxiang didn't mean to deceive your predecessors, but she was so dressed that it was convenient to walk in Jianghu." Intonation and diction are the reasons for father's speech. At the other end, Liu Shengtian's heart was cold and heavy, and his voice, which was so faint that it was almost inaudible, floated into everyone's ears: "Therefore, it is also convenient to kill people." This word stretched everyone's mood into a tight string! Ouyang Mengxiang is "the best killer in the world" Li Mo Ning. Suddenly someone chuckled on the roof, and his tone was full of sarcasm: "Old man Liu Sheng, Li Mo Ning is here. I have the guts to come out and give you a ride." Collect The twelfth chapter is dancing and music. Liu Shengtian smiled coldly and coldly. In Fusang, he has experienced many life and death situations and many sinister killing schemes. He can still live in the world because he is calm and confident enough! Therefore, he can be absolutely sure that Ouyang Mengxiang is a woman. Of course, he also absolutely believed in his own judgment-Li Mo-ning must be in this gold-lettered hall. Liu Shengtian's heart didn't move. What he couldn't help was our eldest son Tang. Hey, "Liu Shengtian," he said, "they're already calling for battle outside!"! Why did you become a coward instead? On the opposite side, Liu Shengtian's cold eyes were like a sword, straight and cold to Tang Ningfeng. With a heavy smile, he still said in a weak and almost inaudible voice, "Kill Ashikaga Becky, and the real Li Mo-ning will have to show up." Tang Zhuangyuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva and dared to ask, "So old man Liu Sheng is going to compete with some of the top players in the Central Plains today?" As he spoke, the corner of his eyes floated from time to time to the three people in the world, many of whom were strong and spoke loudly. Liu Sheng didn't take it to heart at all. He just lowered his head slightly and half closed his eyes. He simply said,micro gear motor, "All the people here are dead, and Li Mo-ning must be dead, too!" What a simple and direct logic. Which one do you want to kill first? Long Zheng suddenly asked an unexpected question.

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