Send warmth to the paranoid man [wear it quickly]

Send warmth to the paranoid man [wear it quickly]Send warmth to the paranoid man [wear it quickly]


Chu Mo did not know how to say, is it difficult to say that he was too worried, intending to push the door out when Su Su could not deal with it, and let those people take him away. Anyway, he doesn't allow anyone to hurt Su Su. But this time he did not dare to say these words, he has always been obedient in front of Su Su, in case she does not like to disobey her words, angry how to do? Chu Mo lowered his eyes slightly, and his long eyelashes trembled gently. Su Su see Chu Mo refused to say, do not want to force Chu Mo, after all, Chu Mo is an independent individual, and it is no big deal. Su Su changed the subject: "If you don't want to say it, don't say it. Anyway, the matter has been settled." Chu Mo was afraid that Su Su would be angry, so he quickly explained in a low voice: "I'm just too worried." Su Su understood at once. Her heart warmed. Most people will absolutely hide well when this kind of thing happens, for fear of losing their lives, and she is the eldest lady of Gu Fu, and those people dare not touch her no matter how. But Chu Mo this fool, unexpectedly can worry about oneself, fortunately all right, otherwise this fool will certainly run out to go with those people on one's own initiative. He only helped her a little, and that help was not enough at all, but the other side was willing to exchange his life for it. Realizing this,12v High Torque Motor, Su Su's eyes were a little weak. I'm Miss Gu Fu. Those people dare not attack me no matter what. You can't do that next time. Although Su Su moved Chu Mo's approach, she was still very worried about the next time Chu Mo did something similar, this time it was good luck, those people were threatened and did not dare to break into the yard to search, then bad luck? Chu Mo nodded cleverly and promised: "Good." But he didn't really think so. Next time he was in danger, he would do the same, but he didn't say. Soon after the officers and soldiers left, Gu Jingxi left the palace, and when he returned to Gu Fu,Low Rpm Electric Motor, he immediately heard the housekeeper say this, and his eyes narrowed slightly. Originally thought that the son of heaven asked him to play chess, is a moment of interest, did not expect to drag him to the house to arrest people. Think of the practice of the son of heaven, Gu Jingxi eyes flashed a trace of displeasure. Gu Jingxi asked with a calm face: "Has the man been taken away?" The housekeeper bowed down respectfully and said, "Master, the young lady is protecting me and has retired the officers and men." When Gu Jingxi heard this, he laughed twice: "Well, well, I am worthy of being a daughter, and I have the style of a father!" The housekeeper looked at the smile on Gu Jingxi's face and could not help showing a smile, accompanying Gu Jingxi to smile for a while. Gu Jingxi laughed and could not help feeling sad again. He turned the good jade wrench on his thumb and said thoughtfully, "Do you really think it was the slave who killed the prince?" When he heard that the prince had been stabbed in the middle of the night, his first reaction was that the second prince of the harem's favorite concubine had done it, but he had never been a slave in his own mansion. But a slave, and the prince has no quarrel, 24v Gear Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, kill the prince to do what? As soon as the housekeeper told him, Gu Jingxi asked casually, but he didn't dare to answer. He accompanied him carefully and said, "Master, the slave is not clear." Gu Jingxi did not expect the housekeeper to know. He waved his hand and said, "Go and call the young lady over." The housekeeper bagged respectfully and retired from the study. Resuming in the study, Gu Jingxi leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and gently touched his temples, with lingering fatigue on his face. Gu Jingxi thought about the slave beside Su Su in his mind. During this period, he had not heard how good Su Su was to the slave. Whether in the mansion or in the capital city, there were many rumors. Gu Jingxi did not take it to heart, he Gu Jingxi's daughter, want to do what to do, it is difficult to live in other mouths. But now is different, that slave, no matter what, must be sent away! Su Su heard the housekeeper said Gu Jingxi back to the house to let her go to the study, hurriedly changed clothes after leaving, before leaving to let the man go back to his room to read. However, after two steps, he saw the man standing in place looking at himself without blinking, and clearly could not see anything in his dark and deep eyes, but Su Su felt that the man was writing a feeling of pitiful hope from head to foot. Su Su hesitated, thinking of the royal family to capture the man, although before the officers and soldiers were sent by themselves, but in case the other side while she was not secretly captured people can do. After thinking about it, Su Su waved to Chu Mo, and the next second, Su Su saw Chu Mo's eyes brighten and he came towards him quickly, like a little milk dog who couldn't bear to part with his master. You're coming with me. Su Su said. Chumo nodded heavily with surprise in his eyes. The servants and maids in the yard watched Su Su go to find Gu Jingxi and take the slave with him, and they couldn't help but get sour again. Previously, it was said that the slave was good to him. At noon, there were officers and soldiers who said that the slave was the murderer of the prince. The young lady was still protecting him desperately. Now she is taking him wherever she goes. It will not be long before she sleeps with him at night. The slander of the servants and maids also appeared in the housekeeper's heart, but the housekeeper's face was not obvious, all the way with Su Su and Chu Mo came to the door of the study. At the door of the study, the housekeeper knocked gently on the door: "Master, the young lady is here." "Enter." Su Su pointed to the door and looked at Chu Mo and said, "You stand here and wait for me for a while. I'll come out right away." Gu Jingxi's study has never allowed idle people to enter, even if the personal housekeeper or servant wants to approach or come in, they are also allowed by Gu Jingxi. Now can let Chu Mo this slave near the study door, is also because of Su Su's relations, but wants to go in is absolutely impossible, unless obtains Gu Jingxi's approval. Of course, in the past, Chu Mo came to the study to get books, which was an exception, because there were warrants from Su Su and Gu Jingxi. All right Chummer said yes without any meaning. Seeing this, Su Su was about to push the door when he suddenly stopped again. Pointing to the window beside him, he said, "Stand there and wait for me." Su Su just remembered, she will go in, the study door will be closed again, Chu Mo standing in the doorway,Gear Reduction Motor, she can not see each other, then she brought Chu Mo to this what is the point. If it's not in her sight, it could still be taken away.

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