Extra son-in-law

Extra son-in-lawExtra son-in-lawExtra son-in-lawExtra son-in-lawExtra son-in-law


"How.." Xue Yan repeated, blinked his eyes, and after a moment, pressed his forehead hard and closed his eyes tightly. The Xue family arranged the most things for the Su family, and by this time, people were more or less aware that the result was not quite as they wished-or it should be said that it was not as they wished. Xue Yan opened his eyes, swept the bowls and chopsticks in front of him with one hand, and then saw the two poems next to him. He stretched out two fingers and knocked them out. He pulled out the one below and looked at it in front of his eyes. After a while, he read it out in his mouth, as if he were reading it to everyone. Heh. Don't listen to the sound of beating leaves through the forest. Why not sing and walk slowly. Bamboo sticks and mango shoes are better than horses, who is afraid. A misty rain for a lifetime. At this time, he read the whole song of the storm, listening to it in the ears of the people, almost completely different attitude, and then looked at the people, "Looking back on the bleak place." What would you say if I said, "We're all wrong, we're all set up, we're all set up?" No one answered. Four months.. Xue Yan looked out of the window and murmured, "Oh, the Wu family is probably the most miserably calculated, and so is the Su family's incompetent second and third rooms." "Brother Xue.." Specifically, how is it going? "That's it." Xue Yan patted the script on the table. "People are laughing.". Result Is the best result for Su Tan-er. Internal and external troubles are all cleared up at one time, that cloth. That cloth actually. His emotions seemed to be out of control, and he reached out and rubbed his forehead. "Now think about it." It's just.. Ten steps counts. “…… Ning Liheng. This exclamation, finally with the name sounded in the hall, everyone was stunned. But the whole thing is still unclear. Xue Yan took a deep breath and finally raised his head and smiled. Sorry, guys,juice filling machine, four months of layout.. No, after more than two months of layout, it's all ruined. There are some gaffes. Please forgive me. The result of the Su family has come out, I tell you, you will understand. Time back not long ago, night, Su Fu clan Council hall. An argument has finally come to an end. At five o'clock in the morning, the strong wind actually blew down the pole. Fortunately, there was electricity in my hand. After that, I ran back and forth N times in order to send out the chapters. Sad. To be continued, if you want to know how things are, please visit the www.qidian.com, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading! Chapter 151 settling the storm (3). Waves of discussions and confrontations spread out from the Council chamber, plastic bottle making machine ,PET blowing machine, forming a fierce and noisy tide, which gradually spread to the small square outside the Council chamber and the nearby area. All kinds of discussions were ringing, following their own arguments and logic. Sometimes, it would also cause a small controversy. Even if it did not expand, it was rare in the past for the Su family. Fifty thousand, ten thousand.. There's more than twenty thousand over there, and I've long said that the big house has been messing around all these years. "I saw the business of that batch of red cloth in Raozhou at the beginning, and I always said that there was no money left, otherwise.." "This kind of thing is a mess. Look, after today, I don't know how many problems there will be." "I guess it's at least a deficit of two hundred thousand taels, maybe more than that." I don't know how to hide it. "Second Sister can't do it anymore." From the time Su Tingguang was the first to stand up and take out some of the accounts in his hands, to the time the second and third shopkeepers came out, as if something hidden under the dark curtain had exploded like a bomb, these similar statements had spread irrepressibly outside, buzzing and buzzing. In the Council chamber, the people of the big house, the second house and the third house are arguing about the causes of these accounts. In fact, it is not uncommon to have a similar situation when a business operation is divided into three branches. If we really carefully pursue the whereabouts of every sum of money, these funds may not really be a big deficit. When we calculate the total account at the end of each year, the profits and development gained in a year may not be worse than those of the second and third houses, which is a clear proof. But Su Tan-er is indeed at the expense of the greater possibility of development as the premise, the extraction of funds to operate the imperial business matters, to this time, if there is no possibility of making up, once exposed, it has become a very bad place in the accounts of the Su family. Su Wengui and others outside the Council chamber do not need to consider these, even if the deficit under Su Tan-er said a million two, there is no psychological burden. And for the people in the Council chamber, when several shopkeepers belonging to the big house have come out to confess something in their hands, it seems that there is no need to consider things in a purely rational direction for a while. From the initial appearance of Su Tingguang, all kinds of opinions have become a quarrel. By this time, the quarrel was still going on, but some of the leading people in each room had gradually quieted down, Su Zhongkan returned to his seat, while resting and drinking tea, Su Yunfang was frowning and discussing some things with Yu Daxian, and by this time Su Yunsong had gradually seen some things clearly. He had been arguing about the accounts for a while, but then he realized that it might be useless to argue any longer. Something, by this time, had already appeared in the still noisy quarrel, and no matter what the result of the quarrel was, what was laid out in front of the old people above was the fact that the big house was no longer promising and that people's hearts were beginning to turn against each other. If someone else may still have a chance, but as a woman, Su Tan-er's identity, but has been unable to withstand such a failure,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, this matter has nothing to do with right or wrong. To the point of the spearhead, Su Tan-er could only sit quietly beside his father, occasionally looking up at all this. gzxilinear.com

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