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In the morning, the conference room of Yunde Auction Company is Xi xiǎo. Qu Yunxuan called the relevant person in charge and experts of the jadeite special show, and Dong Xuebin was nat


"Ahem, go on, go on." Qu Yunxuan put down her hand and took advantage of the situation to straighten his hair, which was blown by the wind. She said gently, "My aunt is also new to this trip. She is not familiar with a lot of things. This time, I have reminded my aunt that next time we hold this kind of auction, we can't set the opening time first, so as not to change it." Qu Yunxuan looked back at Feng Yi's back. "Since he wants to fight with us, let's fight. We won't change the day. As long as we can get a batch of good jade, we won't be afraid of Feng Yi." Dong Xuebin looked at her unexpectedly. "You are more and more like a big boss, Aunt Xuan." Qu Yunxuan gave him a horizontal look. "Glib, isn't aunt the boss working for you?" After a pause, she said, "Well, the only thing I'm worried about is Feng Yi's background. I heard he's the nephew of the director of the Beijing Bureau." Feng Xueliang is a member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee and a senior official at the vice-ministerial level. "Director Feng's nephew?" Asked Dong Xuebin in surprise. Sure enough, it was the capital, and any brick that fell could hit a few officials. Qu Yunxuan said, "I don't want to offend this kind of aunt, but if we are bullied, we can't help fighting back." "That's right!" Just Feng Yi did not put Dong Xuebin in the eye, Dong Xuebin did not put him in the eye, but let Xuan aunt said so, Dong Xue-bin can not help but look back at him a few more eyes, the original is a relative of Director Feng, ah, no wonder I feel that this guy has a domineering taste. Dong Xuebin and Xie Huilan met Director Feng when they had dinner at Wangfu that time. Looking at the atmosphere at that time, they thought Feng Xueliang was also Xie Jie's father. Later, they realized that it was not the case at all. Feng Xueliang was the mayor's man. Xixiǎo Bin, we can only win but not lose this time. "Don't worry,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, give me Ji jiāo, and then we'll let Feng change the date!" "Oh, I hope so, go, there is a place for gambling stones in front, go and have a look." Chapter 249 [auction jade wool!] For ten days in a row, Dong Xuebin was looking for the emerald mmáo material in the capital. Have to say, the capital of the material is too bad, Dong Xuebin around the Panjia yuan, around the various gambling stone antique market, but the last thing to see is not beans jadeite is glutinous jadeite, are some low-grade Cui, although in the eyes of ordinary people glutinous is already a very good thing, the value is really expensive, but it is useless for Dong Xuebin. Tens of thousands of jade simply can not be on the auction table, ceramic bobbin element ,Kamado bbq grill, it must be the kind of ice and glass that is worth Dong Xuebin to buy with B. So ten days passed and nothing was found. Seeing that the day of the Jade Show is getting closer and closer, Dong Xuebin is a little anxious. This morning, the top floor of Yunde Auction Company. The sky was gray, just after dawn, which was five o'clock in the morning. When Qu Yunxuan woke up early, she sat up from the bed, looked at Dong Xuebin beside her, leaned over and kissed him lovingly on his face, and then began to dress. In the past two days, because Dong Xuebin and she were busy looking for jade materials, they both slept in Yunde Auction. There was a rest room behind Qu Yunxuan's office, with a double bed, a refrigerator, a lamp, a wardrobe, and a desk. Qu Yunxuan often slept here when she got off work late. She had long regarded it as her second home. Dong Xuebin's eyes were also opened. Did I wake you? Qu Yunxuan looked at him apologetically. "Sleep a little longer." Dong Xuebin yawned, "I can't sleep, whoo, help me dress, I also get up." Qu Yunxuan stretched out her hand with heartache and touched his face gently. "Don't worry about finding jadeite. Glass planting and ice planting can be met but not sought. You are too tired these ten days. How can your body stand running all the time? Go to sleep again. Tomorrow our auction house will have a xixiǎo shoot to start. Aunt will go to the company to decorate first. By the way, you left the wild ginseng in Aunt's place." My aunt is going to take out one to shoot tomorrow. Is it all right? "I don't care if you shoot it all. I said I'd deal with it for you." "Well, the aunt will go first and wake you up when she comes back.". ” After getting dressed and leaving the office, Qu Yunxuan sighed lightly. She couldn't find the jade. How could she not worry? It was a matter of life and death for the auction house. But she didn't want to put too much pressure on him, so she pretended to be all right. She heard that Feng Yi's Jiaxin Auction House had received a good piece of ice jade. Qu Yunxuan felt more and more pressure. The heart is not a taste. In the room, Dong Xuebin did not sleep again, but tossed and turned in bed, where to find jade? Each antique city has been around by him, but Dong Xuebin's luck seems to have run out, during this period unexpectedly a good jade also did not encounter, do you want to go around again to try your luck? Dong Xuebin used to rely on the combination of B and a little luck to pick up leaks. But now, without a trace of luck, Dong Xuebin is at a loss what to do. No matter how powerful B is, no matter how bad it is, it is useless not to meet a good jade. What is this called? The cleverest housewife cannot cook a meal without rice! Dong Xuebin can't conjure up an ice jade out of thin air, can he? In the morning, the conference room of Yunde Auction Company is Xi xiǎo. Qu Yunxuan called the relevant person in charge and experts of the jadeite special show, and Dong Xuebin was naturally pushed by Aunt Xuan. As you can see, everyone has a frown on their faces. A man in his thirties said, "General Manager Qu, in the previous auctions, the antiques we collected were all welcome, including the four treasures of the study, porcelain and bronzes. So even if there was a conflict with Jiaxin's auction, it didn't matter. But in this special auction of jadeite, Jiaxin also chose the same day. Now there are very few jadeite collected at the bottom. Most people went to Jiaxin's auction." We really.. Teacher Wei sighed, "I think it's better to postpone it for half a month." "Yes," said another middle-aged man,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "let's wait for Jiaxin to finish shooting. Maybe we can collect some good jade." One Fu nv gas is not by the way: "But Jia Xin is provoking us clearly, do so shrink head turtle?" She seems to have been photographed by Jiaxin, so she has a lot of opinions about them. Everyone had a fierce argument with each other. global-ceramics.com

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