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I saved the Younger Martial Brother.". But this matter, must not say to the master, Shibo, otherwise,


"I saw her at the hotel in the forest on the border of Guizhou and Guangxi?" Dong Zining was stunned. "How do you know?" "You saved the Wechat woman?" "I dare not say to save, I only hope that the two sides will not be enmity!" "Are you really Dong Zining?" "That is the name of the abomination." Bibo Fairy said, "Fortunately, I heard someone in the tea pavilion say, 'Isn't that Dong Zining?' So I noticed you."! It turns out that you are indeed the Dong Shaoxia who is loyal to justice and does not avoid intimacy! I'm sorry! Dong Zining was flattered and said hurriedly, "How can I deserve to be called this girl?"? Had it not been for the girl's mercy, the three of us would have died under the girl's sleeve. Bibo Fairy smiled and said, "If I hadn't heard the three words'Dong Zining ', first of all, the little thief wouldn't be able to live!"! Shaoxia Dong, do you know why I swept you down in the seventh move? "I'm not good at martial arts and I'm not familiar with footwork." Bibo Fairy shook her head and said, "It's not that you are not familiar with the footwork, but that your internal force is not good. If you continue with this footwork, even if I don't sweep you down, your heart will palpitate and your pulse will beat. Finally, your pulse will be broken and you will be disabled for life." Dong Zining was at a loss: "Why?" "This kind of excellent footwork must have excellent internal skills. Didn't the strange man who taught you tell you?"? In this way, he is not responsible! Dong Zining suddenly remembered the Tianshan swordsman's exhortation to himself before parting, and then bowed to the Bibo Fairy: "He told me that I was just trying to pick up the girl. I forgot it for a while." "So I have to sweep you down, otherwise,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, I will miss your kungfu." Only then did Dong Zining understand that the fairy had swept him down with good intentions. He could not help being very grateful. He bowed deeply and said, "Thank you for your help, Miss. I will never forget your kindness and virtue today." Bibo Fairy smiled and said, "Don't you kneel down and call me your godmother three times?" "The girl made fun of it!" "Actually, you can't call me too much. Bai Yanyan, this little girl, calls me'aunt '!" "Do you really want me to call?" "Forget it!" Bibo Fairy laughed,ceramic bobbin heater core, "How dare I ask Shaoxia to call me a godmother!"! Let sister-in-law Wei and Bai Yanyan know that she didn't laugh and lose her teeth? Dong Zining gave a wry smile and did not know what to say. Bibo Fairy asks again: "How does that little girl call you?" "Is it Miss Bai?" "Yes!" "He called me'Hunren '." Bibo Fairy laughed. "Aren't you annoyed?" "I'm a little confused. Miss Bai is right." Bibo Fairy laughed even more. She felt that Dong Zining was not only chivalrous and loyal, but also kind-hearted and had a better character. She said, "All right!"! I have to go after the little girl, or if something happens, I'll be sorry for sister-in-law Bai! "The girl is going to Mount Heng?" "Isn't Xiaotou going to Mount Heng?" When Dong Zining heard that she was going to Mount Heng, he was surprised and delighted. He was delighted that the little witch and Wei's mother had such a female demon with excellent martial arts to protect them. He didn't have to worry about it. He was surprised that such a fierce female demon had gone to Mount Heng. I don't know how many Wulin people were hurt by her sleeve, not to mention that her brother, the Dark Lord and the Red Lord, had also gone. Seeing that Dong Zining looked different, Bibo Fairy asked, "What are you thinking about?" Dong Zining bowed with a bow and said, "I hope that when you get to Mount Heng, you will raise your jade hand and never embarrass the people in the Central Plains Wulin. I will be even more grateful." "You're afraid I'll hurt them?" "I'm a little worried about the girl's excellent martial arts." Bibo Fairy said, "Good!"! As long as they don't try to be strong and provoke me, cordierite c520 ,Alumina Ceramic C795, I will never go to them first. If that little girl is hurt by the Wulin people in the Central Plains, don't blame me for my unfeeling. I will ask them to pay back with ten times of hatred and hatred. Shaoxia, please go. I'm afraid your Elder Martial Brother is impatient to wait for you in front of him. Just as Dong Zining was about to leave, the Bibo Fairy stopped him again and said, "Shaoxia, I have a word to say. Would you like to hear it?" "Is there anything you don't want to hear from a girl?" "You have this excellent footwork. It's rare that you can catch my seven moves. Now you can deal with the first-class masters in the martial arts world, but you can't force yourself to practice. I hope you can practice more internal skills in the future. Don't neglect the essentials, or you will hurt yourself." Dong Zining bowed deeply and said, "Thank you for your advice." "Well, I should go, too!" Bibo Fairy finished, whistled, and a green mule came out of the pine forest. Bibo Fairy stepped on the green mule and said, "Goodbye, Shaoxia!" He rode his mule into the deserted pines. Dong Zining hurriedly took the road down the mountain, and sure enough, the Elder Martial Brother was waiting for him in a pavilion at the foot of the mountain. As soon as Zhao Zirong saw him coming safely, he was surprised and delighted. He went up to meet him and asked, "Younger Martial Brother, did you really deceive the female demon?"? Not insulted by her? "Brother Rong, don't worry. How can I make a fool of Wuyi?" "How did you deceive the devil?" "I didn't lie to him. It was an accident that saved my little brother." "Oh!"? What kind of accident? "I said I knew the daughter of the White Demon King, and when I told her about the hotel in the forest, she let me go." As soon as Dong Zining said this, why did Bibo Fairy let him go? If you want to know what's going on, let's see the explanation in the next installment. Chapter 7 Chivalrous Woman Eliminates Rape Zhao Zirong said, "Unexpectedly, I saved the Younger Martial Brother.". But this matter, must not say to the master, Shibo, otherwise, they even said that the younger brother and Biyunfeng people mixed together. At this time, there was a sound of hooves behind them. They looked back and saw a green horse, carrying a woman in Tsing Yi, galloping up the hill. Zhao Zirong was stunned. "Younger Martial Brother, is she here?" Dong Zining shook his head. "It's not her. She's riding a green mule, not a horse, and she doesn't have a cloak. But this woman has a blue cloak." With these words, the green horse, like a group of blue clouds, suddenly came to the front of the pavilion. At this time, there happened to be two mountain children, each carrying a load of firewood, turning from the path to the mountain path of the pavilion. As soon as Dong Zining saw it,steatite c221, he was frightened and saw that the two children were about to be trampled by the green horse. In order to save the two children, he jumped over and drew his sword to knock the horse down. The woman on horseback waved her whip, and Dong Zining's sword flew out of her hand. The man was also shocked to one side. The green horse suddenly jumped up and passed over the heads of the two children without hurting the children at all. It galloped away. global-ceramics.com

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