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us scene of the heart of the sea surge, he carefully export test, "what is the meaning of Wu Yan?" "What I mean is that if your Highness is no longer alert, he will eventually be pulled down." Zhu Li th


"Lord Wu Yan doesn't have to be too polite." As the third imperial concubine, Luan Fei bowed to her instead, and the fine gauze could not hide the spring scenery below. There is a witch sacrifice under the seat of the internal division of the ancient Lan Dynasty to serve King Che Khan, who is the servant of God. But Wu Yan is not every Dynasty, she must be familiar with astronomy, can the prime minister's divination, this is qualified to sit on the position of Wu Yan, if there is no accident, Wu Yan will inherit the mantle of the national teacher, to assist the new king. This inheritance is the same whether it is Eastern Turkic or Western Turkic, so Luan Fei respects Wu Yan so much. Wu Yan didn't say much. He waved a golden cup to the little girl beside him. Luan Fei took it and opened it. A sense of coolness came to his face, with the unique fragrance of Ling flower. Luan Fei chuckled and closed the lid. "There is a good intention of Lord Wu Yan. I will remember it in my heart." Wu Yan's face was still expressionless, but a pair of autumn pupils flashed a smile, indicating her thoughts. Rejecting the kindness of the Luan imperial concubine, Wu Yan took the little girl out of the palace. At dusk, the sky was full of rosy clouds. Zhu Li Jie, they use this spring water so frequently, don't kill the emperor. The two of them walked down the steps of the palace,jacuzzi bath spa, and there was no one around them. Then the little girl with cornrows opened her mouth and muttered a few times. Wu Yan blinked her big eyes, and the arrogance and indifference she had just put on was thrown into the sky in an instant. She habitually raised her hand to hold the bead flower on her temples, but it was empty. It occurred to her that she could not wear a bead hairpin as a servant in Zicheng Palace. Look down on Luan Fei and yuan Fei, these two women's means are fierce, will not let their backing collapse. Zhu Li said carelessly, according to her view, although the emperor indulged in beauty,5 person hot tub, but the body is still strong, but the outside is strong and the inside is dry. The two of them walked down the steps and walked slowly along the palace road. In front of them was a shade of flowers. From a distance, they could see a group of people coming, looking in a hurry. It's the prince. Heng Ai's eyes are sharp and his mouth is quick. Hey, just looking for him. Zhu Li pulled the silk scarf on her face and greeted the prince. Your Highness. Zhu Li was very respectful to the man in the yellow robe with the golden waist. The witchcraft said no courtesy. The prince raised his hand to help him, and his attitude was neither close nor distant. He didn't like the sorcerer who would assist him in the future. It wasn't that she wasn't capable enough, but that she was a daughter after all. The national teachers who had always worshipped King Che Khan were all men, but the national teacher had accepted a woman as a sorcerer. Apart from making him unhappy, there was always a sense of foreboding. After the ceremony, the prince wanted to pass by, but Zhu Li quickly stopped him by stretching out her arms. "Concubine Luan and Concubine yuan are going to the yuan Palace at the moment. If your Highness has something to do, you might as well report it tomorrow." Her voice was so low that the attendant behind the prince could not hear it clearly. National affairs are in the first place. Can the father still not see me? When the prince heard the names of the two imperial concubines, he was so angry that he gnashed his teeth, whirlpool hot tub ,hot tub manufacturers, and his face was even more pale, and he was obviously furious. Zhu Li laughed and guessed that the prince must have scolded the two concubines, but his face was cold and his eyes were admonished. He still reached out to stop him. "Your Highness, listen to my advice. At this time, the emperor won't listen to what you say." The prince looked into the distance and looked at the plaque with gold lacquer on the black background of the Shangyuan Palace. He felt a burst of disgust in his heart and turned away. But Zhu Li raised his voice to stop him. The prince turned around and looked puzzled. "What else is there for Wu Yan?" "May I ask your Highness to speak for a moment?" Zhu Li turned sideways and invited him into the garden of flower shade. Prince Ben still had some, but when he saw her eyes that she could not refuse, he suddenly changed his mind and walked into the garden. All the servants behind him were waved back, and only Heng Ai followed him twenty paces away. The prince knew that it was Wu Yan who did not leave his side, and it was not convenient for him to scold her, so he let her stand far away beside a calendula. "If Wu Yan has something to say, say it." "Prince negative hand, not face, looking at the side of the purple and red." I know your Highness doesn't like me, and he doesn't even trust me. There was a sigh in her voice. When the prince heard this, his back stiffened unconsciously. Zhu Li was satisfied with his reaction and continued, "But I am a sorcerer, so I will do my best to assist the prince." "But I don't trust the Han people." The prince spoke bluntly, looking at Zhu Li's eyes full of alert, "and you are a woman.". ” Zhu Li did not care about his cold words, but gradually stretched his eyes, and the chill in his eyes slowly turned into water. "Prince Ken said bluntly, which showed his Highness's open mind." It was a pity that he was not confused by her sweet words. Zhu Li added, "I also have Turkic blood. I am not a complete Han Chinese.". Isn't the great King Che Khan also a Hu-Han hybrid? The prince was slightly moved and looked at Zhu Li with some inquiry in his eyes. "What on earth do you want to say to me?" Zhu Li bent over and held a pink Chinese rose with five fingers. "Your Highness is just like this flower, which is just right at the moment." When the words fell, she suddenly broke the stem and picked the flower. "But there is always a hand that wants to break the flower." As soon as the flower turned in her hand, the Chinese rose, which was originally rich and beautiful, seemed to wither suddenly, and the pink petals fell down one by one, withered in an instant. The prince was stirred by this treacherous scene of the heart of the sea surge, he carefully export test, "what is the meaning of Wu Yan?" "What I mean is that if your Highness is no longer alert, he will eventually be pulled down." Zhu Li threw the withered flowers into the garden, and the withered branches just pressed the beautiful flowers. Comparing the two, we can see the victory or defeat. Is it because the two women are blowing the pillow wind beside the father? Prince cold, tone is full of disdain, the king of summer thought to send two beautiful concubines to the father emperor can easily replace his position? Ridiculous. Zhu Li's attitude towards him had long been expected. "Your Highness is the eldest son of his wife. He has never made any mistakes, but he has no achievements.". Your Highness is much worse than the former crown prince of the emperor in the east. A word will poke his weakness, although he is the crown prince, but did not make any commendable feats, in the Turks such a country advocating military merit, he is undoubtedly a failure. There is no need to compare with Wanyan Che,whirlpool hot tub spa, who has experienced the military camp since childhood. He knows that he is a million miles away. Although I am not good enough, the king of Xia may not be able to do it. In his opinion, the ability of the king of Xia is not necessarily equal to his own. monalisa.com

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