Wolong gives birth to the gate of hell

n caution to the wind, his legs were slightly straight, his body was slightly upside down, and then


"It was revenge and retribution. I kindly invited them to drink, but Cheng Yongfang started beating people!" Of course, Ruan Shaoli concealed why Cheng Yongfang beat people. Shen yuanlin smiled slightly. He didn't delve into it. He just said, "Didn't you hit him?"? One coming and one going, two phases Pull it straight. "That's not enough!" "Ruan Shaoli spoke forcefully and brazenly." Must his family make up for it? "Not bad!" Shen yuanlin said something else. "Are you married?" He asked. "No." Do you have any sisters? Ruan Shaoli listened to feel confused, he did not know what kind of medicine the other side wanted to sell in the gourd? Can't help saying vaguely: "What if there is?" What kind? "What would you do if I hit you now and didn't say enough?" Ruan Shaoli understood this time, so he said bitterly, Bah! What are you. Hands up and down, the habit is a clap out. As soon as Shen yuanlin's body turned, he easily removed his palm, and then, as soon as he lifted his right arm, he returned to his palm as usual. Ruan Shaoli has not yet entered the society, nor is he a Jianghu man, he is just a miserable green teenager, idle, and his art industry is not popular. Kung Fu is not good, how can it be Shen yuanlin's opponent? Far from it, after a few moves, he had already been slapped and eaten by others. Home's fist. Master Wei, give me a hand. "" Wei Yunxin had to bite the bullet to take over, he is running outside the characters, know this file is not Ruan Shaoli. Yes. However, for the sake of friends, I have to do everything. Just two against one, and this time Ruan Shaoli pulled out the sword,endless swimming pool, Wei Yunxin pulled out the single knife. However, Shen yuanlin is not big, he casually untied the soft whip around his waist. The object is different, the situation is also different, therefore, the idiom "two fists are difficult to defeat four hands" is not used here. Wei Yunxin was only a member of the Escort Agency, so with his ability, he only dragged a dozen more strokes, and a dozen more strokes came down. One sword curled, the other stepped unsteadily,whirlpool bathtub, and both were defeated. Ruan Shaoli was so angry that he lost his reason and shouted, cursed and screamed. You're dead! Let's go! The servants of the carriage and horse line moved one by one, and the servants of the Cheng family also moved one by one, and they saw another scuffle, a group fight. But Wei Yunxin raised his hands to stop it and stopped it. This is not a solution. We'll discuss it when we get back. Now that one side has retreated, the other side has withdrawn its troops; one side has set up a banquet to welcome the general, and the other side has drunk a lot of celebration wine. Afternoon, not card time, Ruan Shaoli invited the hand to come to challenge again. Two face each other, Shen yuanlin can not help secretly frowning, secretly frightened. Because, the two people invited by the other side are not weak, mainly, these two people are professional hatchet men and professions in Jianghu. Killer, regardless of likes and dislikes, regardless of good and evil, only silver. Who are they? They are the "Two Uglies of Luoyang"! " Are the "Luoyang Erchou" all ugly? Not ugly, not ugly, whirlpool hot tub ,best whirlpool tub, theirs. The person is not ugly, the ugly is the occupation, the ugly eldest brother saw to greet, said: "Oh!"! Ambassador Shen, it's you! We haven't seen each other for a long time. Both of them are from Heluo, so they know each other. I haven't seen you for ages When reciprocity was called for, Shen yuanlin replied, "How much money have you earned this time?" "Not much, not much. Our brothers don't kill people this time, so." Shen yuanlin said, "Does your brother know the cause of the matter?" "I haven't seen you for a few years. Why is Master Shen so forgetful?" The ugly boss shook his head and said, "Our brothers always only talk about price." Mission, never ask the reason. "But.." "No need to say, you do it!"! We can win or lose in fists and feet. If our brothers lose, they will pat their buttocks and walk. If you miss, Master Shen, please dust yourself out of this dispute. Shen yuanlin shut up and sighed, shaking his head. Second, go up and measure him to see how he's been doing these years. "Good." Two people hit each other. This is called struggle, this is kungfu, although each other is also a knife to whip, but the knife contains power, whip wind. They fought for thirty or forty rounds, without winning or losing, and it was too close to call. The ugly boss could not help but be moved by his heart. He thought: "When will it go on like this?" So he also withdrew his weapon and shouted, "Take people's money and eliminate disasters for them. Forgive Daxia Shen. I will also go to the end." "" The weapon of the ugly second brother is a thick-backed machete. The ugly eldest brother is thin and small. He uses a three-pronged double-edged halberd, which is light and quick. "Iron Arhat" is a character, Cheng Jianyuan really found the right target. Who knows? Ruan Shaoli hired "Luoyang Erchou" with a large sum of money, and "Luoyang Erchou" Five and four, not to mention the ordinary people. One of them is against the other, and it is not yet known who will win. Now, two of them are against one, and the "Iron Arhat" is dwarfed. After another thirty or forty rounds, suddenly, I saw the ugly second brother cutting the mountain with a knife, and he made a ruthless move to "chisel the stone and cut the mountain." It just came out. Shen yuanlin had already thrown caution to the wind, his legs were slightly straight, his body was slightly upside down, and then his wrist turned and his arm shook, and the soft whip was as strong as a gun. Soft whip fierce as a tiger's tail, waved the past, swept the past, even the ugly boss also circle in the move, that is called "sweeping thousands of troops" also called "Covers everything". However, the ugly old man's body was light, and he ran up and forward, sneaking into the other side's defenseless place and gap. The trident was handed and twisted, and the sound of "Serra" was heard continuously. Pieces of cloth and silks fell to the ground, and the difference was centimeter. It did not hurt Shen yuanlin's body. The heart is unwilling, the gas is not smooth, the ugly eldest brother left hand bends the finger to become the hook, raises once more, strikes once more. Because of Shen yuanlin's moves With the old, because of the lack of physical strength, for a time can not spare hands, but bend the whip, is about to be injured in the other side of the palm. At this moment,Whirlpool bathtub, a figure suddenly came down in midair, a ray of sword light, and a voice. It's not a hero to beat the few with the many. Shen Daxia and retire. Stay here and meet these two people who are not heroes. 。 monalisa.com

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