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Would Ren Qingqing put him in that way? Now, when he saw the powder of Chu Ge, he thought of Ren Qingqing's tripod furnace constitution.


Although he knew that Chu Song would forget everything and have to start again in the next life, he was very happy to share the secret with her in the next life. There was a faint smell of sword outside. Gong Jiu went barefoot to the window and saw Chu Ge practicing his sword in the backyard. The red gauze clothes are flying, the song of the sword, every move and every style is like a red flower blooming in the air, the beauty is not like the human scene. His little song is really beautiful. Even looking at him like this, he has a sense of happiness and satisfaction. His little song is really good! Gong Jiu climbed on the window, and his eyes were almost stunned. Later, I suddenly remembered, "Hey, when did Chu Ge learn swordsmanship?"? He remembered that in this life she was best at dementors and obsequiousness, and that the contractible red silk on her waist was also used to fight with people. She never held a sword. But now, she can use the sword to practice the swordsmanship that he has never seen before. Although this swordsmanship looks like a beautiful woman dancing without lethality, only an old hand with his fierce eyes can see at a glance that her sword is invisible, and it is also the highest level of swordmanship. The swordsmanship she practiced must be a rare heavenly swordsmanship. Doubtful, the sword picked out blooming flowers, which were from big to far and near. When he was obsessed with the flowers, the tip of the sword reached his neck. The coldness of the sword made him hit an exciting spirit, and as soon as he looked up, he matched Chu Ge's cold eyes. Master. He murmured and called weakly, "Master,horse weight tape, you are so awesome." Chu Ge said with a soft smile, "No matter how fierce it is, you killed him in his previous life." The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. Chapter 223 tripod furnace. When Ren Qingqing came, Chu Ge sat on the soft collapse in the yard, surrounded by two male pets, one helping her peel grapes, the other helping her beat her waist and legs. The petals of the acacia in the garden are falling with the wind, and the picture of a woman and two men is very dazzling. Ren Qingqing hung her head slightly to hide the expression of disgust on her face. Chu Ge pinched the boy pet who was crossing her grapes with his mouth. Instead of eating his grapes,Walking tape measure, he said, "Go and feed one to your elder sister." Most of the male pets around the host are afraid of killing people and laughing with the host. The boy pet to Chu song threw a grievance eyebrows, see Chu song ignore, then follow good advice to get up and pinch a grape in the mouth toward Ren Qingqing walk. Ren Qingqing likes white, at the moment is also a white without any complicated patterns of white clothes, just the host of these male pets are also white clothes. Chu Ge tilted his head and smiled at the two of them. "The clothes of you two are quite matched. Standing together, you look like a beauty and a geek." Ren Qingqing still hung his head and did not pick up the grapes in the man's mouth, and naturally he would not talk to Chu Ge. She is extremely disgusted with these male pets of Chu song, and is even more resentful of Chu song's actions. At the moment, she is also trying to suppress herself from being angry with such a woman as Chu song. Why don't you like your grapes as a teacher? Chu song's voice smiled, "that must be because you don't like Qin Ge's service." The man who was called Brother Qin changed his face when he heard this. He took out the grapes from his mouth and looked at Ren Qingqing pitifully. "Elder Martial Sister, don't you like Brother Qin?"? Brother Qin, what can you do so that you are willing to accept the reward of the Headmaster? Ren Qingqing's hand clenched and loosened, Qin Ge, Wheel tape measure ,Diameter tape measure, that is the name she called Qin yuan when she was in love. Qin yuan, the heir of the Heavenly Sword Sect, when would she make such a move to lower her stature and please others? She reached out to slap Qin Ge in the face and said, "Go away." Qin Ge is also good at kung fu, but in the face of Ren Qingqing's slap, he not only did not escape, but fell to the ground. Then he covered his face and looked up and said to Chu Ge, "Master, I'm sorry for your teachings. Elder Martial Sister doesn't like my grapes." "Get up." Chu song smile, "may be your elder sister still don't know your good, so so nonsense, these days you don't come to me here, take your elder sister back to your place, concentrate on waiting on your elder sister.". ” At the end of her patience, Ren Qingqing shouted at Chu Ge, "Master, how can you do this to me? Have you forgotten what you said?"? You said you would let me leave this place. You said you would not force me to do anything. Master, I love you and I love him. He likes me, and I love him. Why do you treat us like this. Qin yuan has already made up for his debt to you with himself. Why do you still want to torment me and yourself? Chu song stretched out his hand, a pink mist scattered to Ren Qingqing, Ren Qingqing blushed, soft toward the ground, Ren Qingqing although the body is out of control, but her head is still Pure Brightness, she looked at Chu song with a pair of watery eyes. Chu song smile, "you this child, I heard that you killed a lot of the same door in the teaching field, the wings are not hard to start killing the same door, this is not good, I usually spoil you a lot of partial favor, but you do not know heaven and earth." She said to Brother Qin on the ground, "Take your elder sister with you and remember to let her know your kindness." During this period of time, Ren Qingqing turned all the supplements of the disciples of the same school into human work. Qin Ge was worried that Chu Ge would let him wait on Ren Qingqing. Would Ren Qingqing put him in that way? Now, when he saw the powder of Chu Ge, he thought of Ren Qingqing's tripod furnace constitution. He was overjoyed for a moment. He picked up Ren Qingqin on the ground and retired. Chu song waved his hand, and the man who had been silent to help him beat his legs immediately kowtowed and stepped down. Until there was no one else in the yard. Only then did Chu Ge cross his legs and try to practice the skills he was familiar with. Fortunately, although this body has practiced acacia, the general exercises will conflict, but there are so many exercises in her mind, there is always one suitable for this body. Suddenly feel, experience more is also good, Chu song of those experiences, those memories is her own a gold finger against the sky. She found out the constitution of her body, found a method suitable for her constitution from her mind, and began to meditate. In the afternoon,Fiberglass tape measure, Xiao Jiu, who was wrapped in gauze on his head, came with his favorite snacks. tapemeasure.net

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