Kill God - Kill God

Sky Cage! Haig's hands were slowly gathered together, like clasping something in the palm of his hand, giving direct restraint.


Shiyan, Cang Yan, and Audrey all looked extremely dignified, and the power displayed by Haig was inexplicably shocked. If Shiyan had not broken through to the triple heaven realm of virtual spirit, his spirit would have been in the best state, and he would have been under pressure with Haig's strength, which would have affected his spiritual will. Cang, Audrey, have been influenced. "I know that your integration has reached this stage, if a thousand years ago, or in a thousand years later, I am certainly no match for you." "It's a pity that this is the time when the ancient continent is at its weakest and most exhausted. Even if you merge into this realm, how much power can you rely on?" Hazen said faintly. Hasen suddenly ferocious, guffaw: "Especially, here is barren!"! Not some other corner of the universe! Here, I can let you die! His divine body quickly shriveled, like a pile of dense skeletons of evil people, without any sense of flesh and blood, as if a layer of skin wrapped in a skeleton, extremely eerie and terrible. The skeleton of the whole body made a crackling sound, and Hazen's fingers formed a wonderful mark like withered claws. Under the sticky sea of blood, a bloody giant claw suddenly appeared. The joints in the giant claw were covered with evil patterns, with the magic will of the dead. One by one, the bone claws swallowed up Haig like flowers, biting Haig together with the bright Shenzhou,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and dragged him directly to the depths of the sea of blood. Chapter 1174 look on coldly. Haig and Bright Shenzhou were bitten together, dragged into the depths of the sea of blood by bone claws, and disappeared in an instant. Hazen was still floating and sinking under the tombstone of Bloody Lin, his eyes as dark as ink were evil and strange, and he looked coldly at the people in the sea of blood. In the sea of blood, Cang and Audrey are struggling to resist the evil spirit that invades the soul. Cang turns into a white tiger demon and lies on the ground. The demon body trembles, as if accumulating strength. Audrey's tall body is completely empty, like a ghost floating in the sea of blood, giving people a feeling of unreality. This posture of Audrey, not physical attack,stainless steel welded pipe, all kinds of heaven and earth can not bring her heavy losses, unfortunately, this sea of blood has the spiritual power to corrode the soul, just can penetrate her soul altar, can also affect her soul spirit. However, Audrey is extremely skilled in the profound meaning of the soul, and when she devotes herself to fighting against the evil power of the spirit, her eyes are always clear and clear, without a trace of confusion. She seems to be getting steady. In the sea of blood, the Protoss Philp, Mia people fight each other, Mo, Wu Feng, Jiaoshan, sand people, also mad, regardless of the life-and-death struggle between the enemy and ourselves. In the vast sea of clouds, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, new dead people gradually appear. Whenever a person dies tragically, Shiyan will be in high spirits and harvest their lost essence. Shi Yan looked at Hazen with a dignified expression, silently running the profound meaning of power, ready to respond at any time. Hazen's dark eyes stared at the depths of the sea of blood, temporarily ignoring Audrey and Cang, and the main target was Hagar. Haig's trail sank in the depths of the sea of blood, but the breath on his body. Still full of vitality! Obviously, Haig is still alive and should be accumulating stronger forces. Knock, knock, knock! People can even hear the strong beating of his heart! Every time his heart beats, he can transform his power from the land of ancient gods. If he is given enough time to prepare, his divine power will rise to an unknown level of terror. You should kill them. Hazen stretched out his hand and pointed to Cang and Audrey. Suddenly, he rushed into the depths of the sea of blood. The blood-red tombstone floating on his head sank into the sea of blood with him. The sea of blood suddenly set off terrible waves of blood. A column of blood-colored energy penetrated and reflected the scarlet of the world. The milky white divine light runs through the spirit of the five elements, connecting the profound meaning of the five elements in series, presenting a wonderful divine array of five-pointed stars, which is quietly obvious in the sea of blood. In the center of the five-pointed star wonderful God array, Haig was sitting like a merciless God, his eyes were jumping with blazing flames, and a dark golden copper ball appeared between his eyebrows, which was covered with star lines, faintly a microcosm of the ancient God continent, beating like a heart. From the moment the sphere emerged between Haig's eyebrows, he seemed to be no longer affected by the sea of blood, and his body seemed to have endless power. "You burn in purgatory at the expense of flesh and soul to enhance strength, instant strength, but I fused the ancestral star, I can not sacrifice any body, soul, can draw strength from the ancestral star to supplement themselves, you.." Fight me with what? The five-pointed star array under Haig's body was suddenly dazzling, blooming a circle of dazzling divine light, which, like the vast galaxy, swirled around Haig endlessly. Waves shot out from Haig's feet, forming the power to seal the world. After spreading, the sea of blood gradually faded and slowly returned to silence, dissipating a trace of blood gas and the evil spiritual energy. In the blink of an eye, except for the blood-red tombstone on Hazen's head, the sea of blood was swept away. Haig stepped on the pentagonal star God array, as if he were in the dream star world, as if he were the star God, and every move contained the ancient continent Peng Pei's magic power, which was endless. Sky Cage! Haig's hands were slowly gathered together, like clasping something in the palm of his hand, giving direct restraint. Everyone clearly saw that as Haig's hands clasped together, the blood-red tombstone on Hazen's head was compressed little by little, as if it had been squeezed out of shape by the giant hand of the God, and the bones of Hazen's bony body were crackling, as if they were about to shatter. The dark red bone pierced the flesh in the squeeze and protruded outside the body of the God. Suddenly, Hazen looked so sad that he became not like a ghost but like a ghost. Now do you know why my ancestors chose me instead of you? Haig looked indifferent and spoke in an emotionless tone. "I have an innate advantage. I was chosen by the ancestral star. If you are against me, you are against the continuation of the whole race. It is impossible to succeed." "Pop, pop, pop!" As he spoke, his hands clasped together, Hazen's bones shattered, as if squeezed into a line by two huge mountains,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and his whole body twisted and deformed. Even the bloody tombstone turned directly into a blur of blood, burst open, and turned into a trace of violent blood light into Hazen's bones.

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