Jianghu is full of local tyrants.

Shen Qianfan chest tightness, because I am a general, here is my territory! Shen Qianfeng said, "go out if you have nothing to do and try to appease the soldiers."


Because I can't beat him at all. As Shen Qianfeng said, Ye Jin was really irritable at this time. In the smoke of the soldiers although temporarily nothing, but the more nothing he is more worried, if there is any sign, somehow can know what it is, this kind of not up or down will be hanging, is the most torture. Just a few hundred smoke bombs can knock down the vanguard of Dachu, and Ye Jin feels stuffy when she thinks of it. Of course, there was an element of the Chu army underestimating the enemy, but it was also because Zhou Jue did not play cards according to common sense, and people were not familiar with the snowfield, so there was such an incredible situation. But even so, Ye Jin still felt very suffocated, ran to the tent three times in an hour, asked the crowd if there was any discomfort. The result, of course, is no. Seeing that he was going out for the fourth time, Shen Qianfeng sighed and pulled him, "you calm down first." "Mmm." Ye Jin has a headache. Obedient Shen Qianfeng patted him, "some things are not urgent." "I-" "I know." Shen Qianfeng interrupted him, "There are military doctors in the barracks, but they can only cure common diseases, so you will feel responsible and obliged to find out the whole story of this matter." Ye Jin was silent. Shen Qianfeng held him in his arms, "take a rest first." Ye Jin put her hand around his waist. Even if you don't hold me back, even if I do catch the rebels back, do you think they will tell the truth about the smoke? Zhou Jue is not stupid. Shen Qianfeng patted him on the back, "so there is nothing to feel guilty about, and in that case, Shaoyu and Muwang dare not take risks easily." Ye Jin buried her face in his chest and did not speak. Frankly speaking,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, he really felt that it was inappropriate to stop Shen Qianfeng, after all, according to his martial arts, it should be no problem to break through the smoke array and catch people. Qin Shaoyu did not go because he had to take care of Shen Qianling, but he had no problem holding his breath for a short time, so it seemed that he was holding him. Too impulsive. But it's already happened, and it's no use thinking about it now. At that time to see that kind of strange scene, the heart is also some tingling, natural instinct does not want him to take risks, the slightest do not want to. To put it bluntly, it's just because of selfishness. In the face of the beloved, I am afraid that few people in the world can be completely open-minded. Valley Lord. A bodyguard came hurriedly. "There are two people in the vanguard. There seems to be something wrong with the situation. Go and have a look." Chapter 181-Blue Totem on the Rock! When Ye Jin and Shen Qianfeng hurried over, they saw that Qin Shaoyu and others had already arrived outside the camp, and there was some noise in the camp, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, as if someone was suppressing the roar. What's the matter? Shen Qianfan also heard the news and came to see what happened. Ye Jin opened the door curtain and went in, and saw that two of the soldiers were struggling and roaring like demons, and their eyes turned red. The rest of the people were afraid that he would run out and have an accident, so they had to tie him up with a rope first. The tent was full of wolves, and it was obvious that they had experienced a fight. Lord Ye Gu. Seeing Ye Jin coming, the people in the tent breathed a sigh of relief and quickly made way for his treatment. When did it start to look like this? Ye Jin asked. Before the small half stick of incense. One person said, "The big guys were chatting, and the two of them suddenly straightened their eyes, and then they began to be manic.". I wanted to hold people down first, but instead I was waved away. Fortunately, there were so many of us, otherwise they might have run away. "Yes." Another person also said, "On weekdays, our kung fu is almost the same, but this time I don't know what's going on, and suddenly it becomes powerful." The two men were probably tired, panting on the ground, and the red in their eyes gradually faded into a muddy sallow. The rest of the soldiers looked at the scene and felt a little nervous. You don't have to think about it to know that the two of them must have inhaled the smoke of the canyon. At that time, the wind was too strong, and the smoke was blown over almost instantaneously. There were more than one hundred people in the vanguard, but I'm afraid few of them were lucky enough not to be hit. One after another, as expected, some people in the tent next to it began to be manic. Shen Qianfan immediately allocated a group of trusted followers, firmly surrounded here, and set up a tent for Ye Jin alone to facilitate his treatment of patients. How Shen Qianfan asked on one side. Ye Jin took back the silver needle and saw that the top had turned blue. Shen Qianfan frowned, "poisonous?" "Mmm." Ye Jin put the silver needle back, "but I still need some time to find out what kind of poison it is." "How long will it take?" Shen Qianfan asked. Ye Jin shook his head, "I can't say, less than a day, more." Shen Qianfan still wanted to speak, but his brother glared at him and had to shut up. I'll do my best. Ye Jin took out a large bottle of pills from the cabinet. "If anyone gets manic again, take a pill and give it to him. He can pass out temporarily and avoid hurting himself in the struggle." Shen Qianfan nodded and handed it to the adjutant. Shen Qianfeng said, "why are you still here?" Shen Qianfan chest tightness, because I am a general, here is my territory! Shen Qianfeng said, "go out if you have nothing to do and try to appease the soldiers." If you let me out, I'll go out?! Shen Qianfan fantasized about lifting the table, and then turned around and went out. Very bad. Take your time. After sending his brother away, Shen Qianfeng held Ye Jin's hand, "Don't panic." "Who said I panicked?" Ye Jin pulled back her hand, "you go out, too." Shen Qianfeng:.. Ye Jin said, "I'll think about it alone." Shen Qianfeng had to nod and turn out of the door. Shen Qianfan looked at his brother outside the tent with the eyes that needed to be beaten. Had it not been for the fact that he was now the head of the whole army, Shen Qianfeng would have really wanted to beat him up. Big brother and third brother. Shen Qianling ran over, "how's it going?" Shen Qianfeng felt that they were all younger brothers, and this would be pleasing to the eye a lot. "My sister-in-law is still checking." Shen Qianfan said, "it will probably take a while." "Mmm." Shen Qianling said,304 stainless steel wire, "Just now I calculated with the military doctor that at least ten people had begun to poison, and the rest of the people's emotions were somewhat affected, but I'm afraid it's better to hurry up." 。 sxthsteel.com

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