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Here, the online baccarat free in online casino does not participate in the game, but only provides equipment and monitors the implementation of the rules. The players alternately become the banker. The bank is collected from the stakes of the participants, and 5% of the commission for the casino comes from it.
The first pot holder is the player who bet the most. The participant sitting to his right can be the first to bet on the whole pot. If the banker loses, then he passes the box with cards to the neighbor on the right.
Chemin de fer defines the rule of the third card a little differently:
six or seven points – the player remains with his own;
with four or less – takes a card;
five points – chooses whether to take a card or not.
After that, the banker decides. If he has more than the opponent, then he takes the bets and deals further cards. If the opponent has more points, then the winner takes the winnings in the amount of his bet, multiplied by 2 times. In this case, the player to the right of the banker takes over the role of the dealer.
The banker may refuse to play and transfer the pot to any of the willing players. Then he receives the prize only after the transfer of the bank.
The player and the dealer (banker) take part in the game. Therefore, sometimes baccarat is also called punto banco (banker). First, the player makes a bet. Betting limits are defined on the gaming table, and they are usually written on a special plate.
Then the player and the dealer receive two cards each. In the special cases described below, one or both of them take a third card. The hands are then compared, after which it is determined who won.
Combinations in free online baccarat
The most valuable combination in baccarat, the so-called “natural” combination, is two cards that add up to nine or eight points. Points for cards from two to nine are considered at their face value, an ace is equal to one point. The remaining cards do not bring points.
If a player has more than nine points, then ten are subtracted from the total. That is, in this case, the search is excluded, and the hands are always from zero to nine points.
online baccarat free betting
In baccarat, you can place one of three bets:
punto – a bet on the player’s victory, paid 1 to 1;
banco – a bet on the victory of a banker, paid 1 to 1, but with a deduction of 5% of the amount in favor of the casino;
draw – an equal number of points in the hands. It is paid 8 to 1 or 9 to 1, depending on the rules of the casino.
Third Card Rule in online baccarat free
After receiving two cards, a player can take a third card if he has less than six points in his hand. The dealer takes a card according to a complex system of rules:
if the dealer has six or more points in his hand, then the dealer does not take a card – if the player did not take it;
if the dealer has two or less points in his hands, then he takes the third card;
three points – the dealer takes a card if his opponent has not received an eight;
four points – the dealer takes a card if the player does not have a card with the following number of points: zero, one, eight, nine;
five points – takes a card if the opponent does not have a card of four, five, six, seven points;
six points – takes a card if the player does not have a card of six and seven points;
seven points – does not get a card.
Thus, the dealer’s decision depends on the player’s cards.

In addition to the American version, there are also many other varieties of baccarat. The main essence is unchanged: you need to score more points, but no more than 9. Otherwise, there are differences:
one to eight decks are played;
play up to 14 players;
the rules for distributing and buying cards, the amount and procedure for payments are also changing;
the dealer can be permanent or his role is taken by the players in turn;
payments are made from the bank or from bets. The casino has a range of bets paid out by the establishment itself. If the players compete with each other, then the pot is collected from the bets and goes to the winner.
The layout on the tables also differs, depending on the casino or version of the online game.

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