Washing and blocking of household knitted items / garments

A general rule of thumb when blocking blouses and sweaters is to press all pieces wrong side very lightly with a steam iron or dry iron over a damp cloth and make sure to stretch any part of the garment/item according to your tape measure and carefully "roll" the side and top e


The usual practice is that if the item is dirty, have it cleaned or wash it carefully in lukewarm water with a good mild soap. I usually use a soap made specifically for knitwear and kids wear manufacturer in bangladesh wash it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. 

Make sure you rinse all items thoroughly in water of the same temperature. Never leave any soap in the article, even if the suggestions are printed on the label of the soap you are using. If soap remains in your article,

 the same knitted product may appear a little fluffier for a while, but after a while, this soap can irreparably damage your item. If you wash clothes by hand, never scrub them. Squeeze the foam thoroughly until all dirt is removed. If the knitted item is heavily soiled,

 it may be better to wash the item two or three times rather than using more soap just once. Washing your home knit more than once will usually cause a heavy build-up of dirt in your home knit.

Never hold the garment up while wet as the weight of the water will stretch it out of shape. Squeeze out as much water as possible, then place the garment in a large Turkish towel and fold the towel around the home knit garment.